Verwood Memorial Recreation Ground

The Verwood Memorial Recreation Ground is dedicated to those who fell in the Great War and owned by the Verwood Memorial Recreation Ground Trust (Registered Charity Number 1055101). Members of the Verwood Town Council automatically become trustees.


The recreation ground land was purchased by public subscription in 1920 as a memorial to local men who fell in the Great War. The parish council was to hold the land to the benefit of the inhabitants of the parish of Verwood for use as a public recreation ground. To meet this obligation, the trust was set up with the members of the town council as trustees. In accordance with the original 1920 conveyance, which is the trust deed, there are no other trustees.

Although the trustees normally meet in the council chamber, they do not meet as town councillors but as trustees. They are required to act solely in the interests of the trust and must set aside corporate concerns when doing so.

The day-to-day upkeep of the recreation ground is administered by the Amenities committee of Verwood Town Council. Maintenance costs are paid by Verwood Town Council but are included in the annual returns to the Charity Commission made by the trust.