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About The Council

History of Verwood Town Council

A Parish or Town Council has existed in Verwood since 17 September 1894. At that time, Verwood and Three Legged Cross had a population of 1,190. The population steadily increased over the years, reaching 1,605 by 1931 and surpassing 14,000 by 2010.

However, recent years have seen a significant slowdown following the completion of strategic growth identified in the 1980s. At the last census in 2021, the population was 15,196.

Structure of The Council

Verwood Town Council, the elected body of the Town, consists of nineteen members representing the Civil Parish.  There are four wards in the Civil Parish:


Please visit our Councillors page for more information on your elected Town Councillors.

Meeting Schedule

The Council convenes eight times a year at the Council Offices and three times a year at the Village Hall in Three Legged Cross.


The Council operates with two committees: the Finance & Policy Committee and the Community & Planning Consultative Committee, as well as Full Council meetings. Each committee reports to the Full Council.

The Council holds committee meetings on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at the Town Council Offices, 28 Vicarage Road, Verwood or at the Village Hall, Three Legged Cross. 

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor serve on all the committees, but the Mayor may not chair any.

Community Involvement

All Full Council and committee meetings are open to members of the community. At the end of a Full Council meeting, the Mayor allows for a 15-minute period for questions from any electors of the Civil Parish.

Public Participation

During Full Council and Committee meetings, members of the community are welcome to comment on issues being debated, offering valuable information or clarification. This opportunity is typically limited to three minutes per person with the Chairman’s permission.

Those wishing to speak on an Agenda item are encouraged to inform the Chairman before the meeting begins. The active participation of community members is encouraged to enrich discussions.

Help Centre

The Town Council Office is also a Help Centre open Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 1.00pm.

The Office is staffed by the Town Clerk, Ms Carrie Lloyd, the Assistant Town Clerk, Mrs Janice Sebire, and the Adminstrative Assistant, Mrs Michaela Saunders.

Our Responsibilities as a Town Council

Local Council Responsibilities