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Verwood Cemetery

Verwood Cemetery is a tranquil place for individuals to pay their respects to departed loved ones. Open to the public throughout daylight hours, it offers a serene setting for reflection and remembrance.

Guidelines for Visitors at Verwood Cemetery

Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a responsible adult while within the grounds, ensuring both their safety and the sanctity of the space. The Cemetery operates a strict no-dogs policy, with the exception of guide dogs accompanying those with visual impairments.
Cemetery Entrance
Verwood Cemetery

Cemetery Management

The Town Council manages Verwood Cemetery, ensuring its upkeep and adherence to regulations. As part of this management, a comprehensive Register documenting all burials is maintained.

This Register serves as a vital record, honouring the memory of those interred within the Cemetery and providing valuable information for those seeking to locate the resting place of their loved ones.

Burial and Memorial Services



Purchase of Earthen Plot£450£1,200
Full Burial *£365£730
Re-Open Earthen Plot (Second Burial in a Double Plot)£365£730
Purchase of Ashes Plot£300£820
Interment of Cremated Remains£265£530
Re-Open Ashes Plot£265£530
Right to Erect a Memorial – Earthen Graves£240£480
Right to Erect a Memorial – Ashes Plots£240£480
Additional Inscription£110£280
Tablet in Garden of Remembrance£180£360
Memorial Bench with Plaque (including 5 Years’ Maintenance)£700£700

Please see Regulation 2.7 for the definition of “non-resident”.

* The Burial Fee for stillborn babies and children up to 12 years will not be charged for town residents.

Verwood Cemetery Address & Map

Verwood Cemetery
Ringwood Road
BH31 7AR 

All enquiries to:

Town Clerk
Verwood Town Council
28 Vicarage Road
BH31 6DR

Email: towncouncil@verwood.gov.uk
Tel: 01202 820880