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The Council & Committees

Council Meetings and Decisions 

Formal Council meetings are held in public unless they discuss confidential issues, such as commercially sensitive or confidential information. They usually occur on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, from 7.30pm, at the Town Council offices or Three Legged Cross Village Hall.

  • At the start of all scheduled meetings, 15 minutes are set aside for public questions.
  • Agendas and papers for Council meetings are usually published a week in advance.


There are provisions to call extraordinary meetings, which are designed to determine and discuss specific issues. At these meetings, the agenda is reduced to focus solely on these issues. Where possible, a week’s notice will be given to inform all attendees of this agenda change.

Committee Structure 

The Town Council operates with two committees:

Finance & Policy Committee

The Finance and Policy Committee, consisting of twelve members, meets eleven times a year. It serves as the organisational, administrative, and financial hub for Verwood Town Council and is responsible for overseeing the council’s income, expenditures, and policies.

Community & Plans Consultative Committee

The Community & Plans Consultative Committee consists of nine members and meets on a four-weekly cycle to correspond with the period allowed for comment on planning applications by Dorset Council.

The committee examines all planning applications affecting the Civil Parish and forwards comments to Dorset Council, which makes the final decision. The committee also oversees the day-to-day maintenance of the Cemetery, Recreation Grounds, Open Spaces, Play Areas, and Highway Matters.

Public Access to Town Council Meetings and Notices

Notices, agendas, etc., of all the meetings are posted on the Town Council noticeboards and on the Town Council website. There are four noticeboards: outside the Town Council offices, on Ferrett Green, at Liederbach Drive, and outside the Post Office at Three Legged Cross.

All Council and committee meetings are held in the evening and are open to members of the public.

With permission and at the discretion of the Mayor/Chairman, any member of the public is welcome to comment on an issue being debated by the Council. Commenting allows for sharing information or clarifying items relevant to the debated matter.  

Please note that this facility is usually limited to three minutes per person on the discussed subject.