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Youth & Community Centre

The Hive

The Verwood Youth and Community Centre, known as the Hive, is a unique hub that the Town Council took over in 2020. After a brief hiatus, it reopened its doors to young people and the community in March 2021. 

The centre, open four nights a week to young people, offers a unique blend of access to qualified youth workers and volunteers, who provide unparalleled support to our young visitors while they are there.

Diverse Activities and Support at The Hive

At the Hive, we understand that everyone has different interests and needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of weekly activities tailored to our members’ preferences.

We have something for everyone, from gaming on the PlayStation to friendly pool and air hockey matches, from unleashing creativity through art to staying active with sports in the hall.

But we also understand that sometimes, you only need a safe, warm, dry place to hang out with your mates or access support. And that’s exactly what we’re here for.

Community Centre Sports Hall

Teamwork and Personal Growth Through Gardening

We actively encourage young people to have a voice within their community and their youth centre. As they become senior members, young people are encouraged to become young leaders and to support other young people in the centre.

Through our garden, young people have learnt the value of looking after flowers and vegetables and that if we looked after ourselves the way we looked after the garden, we would flourish and bloom.

Young people work as a team to look after the garden and deal with any issues that might arise.

Youth Club Schedule & Pricing





GroupYear 7riSENSeniors (Year 9+)Year 8
Time6pm – 8pm6pm – 8pm6.30pm – 8.30pm6pm – 8pm

Need a regular meeting spot for a club or group? Have an event? Hire our space!

The centre is available to hire at competitive rates. We are in a great location with a full-sized kitchen and hall for children’s parties, meetings, and sports clubs.


Current availability Term time:

Red: Not available
Green: Available
Amber: Potentially booked

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PMLounge and kitchen available only
Lounge and kitchen available only

Community Hire Rates


Hall Hire£15 per hour
Storage in Sports Hall£3 per week
Use of Kitchen£3 per session

To make an enquiry or place a booking, please get in touch with us.